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Civil Engineering

The operation of the infrastructure that surrounds us is the foundation of our society. Civil Engineering is the improvement of civil society through the application of design.

What We Do.

Our Purpose

Civil engineering is the development of our society by designing and building the infrastructure that ensures safeness and enhances the lives of people. Civil engineering entails the planning, designing, constructing and operating the infrastructure required to modernize civilization, ranging from highways and bridges to water treatment plants and energy-efficient buildings.

What We Offer.

Our Services.

Site / Civil Engineering
Transportation Engineering
Stormwater Engineering
Water / Wastewater Engineering
Water Resources Engineering
Due Diligence

“I wanted to extend my gratitude for your help on this project. Without your willingness to accept the challenge of this assignment and your dedication to keeping the job on schedule we would not be where we are today. It is sub-contractors like you that turn challenging projects into great successes.”

Matthew J Marino , Oelrich Construction, Inc.

How We Do It.

Our Process.

We ensure we meet with our clients up-front to define the scope of services they need and the project goals they want to accomplish. From project concept through completion, we will provide the resources of our experienced staff of professionals, technicians, and specialists who are dedicated to our client’s success.

Our Client’s Successes

A Selection of Projects we are Proud to be a Part of:

Engineering Business Unit Leader
Matt Walker, PE

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