Largo High School

GFY was responsible for the reconstruction of the site infrastructure of the entire 39.8-acre, 1,902-student Largo High School Campus as a part of the Harvard Jolly Architecture design team.

USF College of Business

GFY provided engineering services for the Kate Tiedemann College of Business which is located on 2.10 Acres of the University of South Florida St. Petersburg campus.

USF Multi-Purpose Student Center

GFY provided civil engineering and surveying services for a 44,600 SF new construction USF Student Center. GFY prepared site plan/construction plans and completed an updated boundary survey of the overall parcel and a topographic survey of the project area.

Melrose Elementary School

The project included the design of a replacement facility on the existing school site. Services included site engineering, grading & drainage, boundary and topographic surveying, portable site design, contaminated soils coordination, utility coordination, necessary permitting and approvals through regulatory agencies, vacation of Rights-of-Way and easements, and platting.

USF St. Petersburg Student Housing

GFY provided civil engineering design services to add a new multi-story student housing facility and the associated infrastructure. GFY prepared site construction plans, permitting for proposed campus expansion, and site development.