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Structural Engineering at GFY

Our team of experts at GFY offer the complete solution for structural engineering services to our clients. Our firm specializes in the design of commercial and residential building projects, while providing complete consulting services with an array of additional in-house services to support any project.

Our structural engineering team has a combined 50 years of experience in assisting clients in multifamily, retail, K-12 education, temporary structures, hospitality, and federal military bases.

Structural Design & Engineered Plans

The most common structural engineering design service performed by GFY is for new ground-up construction. The goal is to provide a design that meets or exceeds code requirements while always keeping the economics of the project in mind and achieving the client’s vision for the project. GFY has experience with many different building types and sizes as well as construction materials.



Forensic Investigations

A forensic investigation would be needed to determine the reason for a structural failure during construction or the service life of a structure. GFY has experience through past projects to perform the necessary investigations and provide analysis-based opinions to reach a resolution.

Renovation of Existing Structures

Some projects require that you maintain some or the entirety of an existing structure. Whether it is for an addition to, or changing the occupancy of an existing building, GFY has the experience to review the conditions of the existing structure to determine the most structurally sound and cost-beneficial approach to a renovation project.

Construction Phase Services

Once the structural design for a project is complete, GFY can provide services for the construction phase, including shop drawing review, response to contractor questions, and site visits. GFY is there to see each project to completion, to ensure that what is built meets the design intent and that our client’s vision becomes a reality.

Structural Engineering Company: Planning/Design Drawing
Structural Engineering Company: Structural Investigation

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