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The James Museum

GFY provided civil engineering, surveying, subsurface utility engineering, and maintenance of traffic services for the new museum during its transformation.

Toronto Blue Jays Player Development Complex

The project involved the demolition and reconstruction of two of the minor league playing fields and the demolition of five of the remaining fields, with a single field located in the southwest corner of the property remaining untouched.

Jabil Campus Replacement

The project included the demolition of the existing 108,000 +/-Roosevelt Building and the construction of a new 170,000 SF +/-Building (New Roosevelt Building). The adjacent 7.23-acre parcel previously occupied by Tampa Bay Research Institute was added to the Jabil Campus Site plan.

Gandy Car Condos

The site located at 2100 Gandy Blvd. in St. Petersburg, Florida, will be developed into a car condominium or high-end car warehouse/storage with 300 car garages and a high-performance driving track.