The St. Pete Pier

St. Pete Pier Aerial View

Project Details

The scope for this project was to perform construction layout for the New St. Pete Pier.


Both horizontal and vertical control were established throughout the project. The horizontal control network was created by a conventional balanced traverse and coordinate values were established on said control relative to the Florida State Plane Coordinate System utilizing published National Geodetic Survey Control monuments and GPS methods.  Vertical control was established by conventional leveling from National Geodetic Survey benchmarks. This control was maintained by GFY and provided to other consultants on the site.

GFY provided layout and as-built services for Skanska and 5 other contractors on the site for over two years.

Professional Services Provided

Survey & Mapping

Project Partners

Rogers Partners, McLaren Engineering Group
Clients: Skanska
Location: St. Petersburg, Florida
Project Type:
Date: September 06, 2022

Project Manager

Greg Nipper, PSM