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Land Surveying

Today, the physical framework of our communities is completely based on land surveying, helping ensure public safety and allowing us modern day conveniences such as homes, roads and airports.

What We Do.

Our Purpose

Land Surveying is beneficial when mapping out a property for public or commercial use such as roadways, airports, utilities, and buildings. Land surveying is the world’s second-oldest profession and is simply the art and science of mapping and measuring land. Surveying is a vital part of the design and construction element of any project. Civil engineering design needs precise land surveying results for the main purpose of designing.

What We Offer.

Our Services.

Construction Stakeout
Boundary Surveys
Topographic Surveys
ALTA Surveys
Hydrographic Surveys
Design Surveys
Bathymetric Surveys
Legal Descriptions
Right-of-Way Surveys
3D Laser Scanning

“It is the survey product that we love the most. We always receive professional surveys with all of our requested items included. We always know the survey will be done neatly and clearly, making it the easiest to use of any company I have ever worked with.”

Becky Nielsen, The Trust for Public Land

How We Do It.

Our Process.

We ensure we meet with our clients up-front to define the scope of services they need and the project goals they want to accomplish. From project concept through completion, we will provide the resources of our experienced staff of professionals, technicians, and specialists who are dedicated to our client’s success.

Our survey crews utilize tried and trusted technology to provide the best and most accurate surveys.

Our Client’s Successes

A Selection of Projects we are Proud to be a Part of:

Surveying Business Unit Leader
Jim Akker, PSM

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