Project Details

The project included evaluation, feasibility study, and coordination with the City of St. Petersburg to determine the appropriate route for the 12” sanitary sewer relocation from the existing alley location to 1st Avenue North from 2nd Street North to 1st Street North. Relocation of the gravity sewer was required to allow the redevelopment of the entire block with a future condominium/hotel, including an onsite parking garage. The alley and onsite easements will be vacated, and the block replated for future use. A portion of the existing sewer system in 1st Street North is a 12” VCP lined gravity pipe, which will be replaced with 14” PVC to accommodate the increased flows projected for the redevelopment project. Design services included gravity sanitary sewer analysis, roadway demolition and restoration, and utility conflict avoidance. Permitting services included the City of St. Petersburg and FDEP.

Professional Services Provided

Civil Engineering
Survey and Mapping

Project Partners

KAST Construction, SB Architects, McNamara Salvia Structural Engineers
Clients: Kolter Urban, LLC
Location: St. Petersburg, FL
Date: November 17, 2014

Project Manager

Matt Walker, PE