City of St. Pete Beach | Gulf Way/

City of St. Pete Beach | Gulf Way

Project Details

The goal is to improve the long-term durability of the pavement sections, verify adequate longitudinal grade along curbs and returns, as well as eliminate ponding areas often caused by pavement rutting and low spots along the curb. The proposed pavement design currently includes milling beyond the approximate 1.5” asphalt layer, into the base material, scarifying/reworking the base material per FDOT Standard Index, and repaving with 3” of asphalt to increase the Structural Number, adequate for this environment. Although milling into base is not ideal, the curb lines will be able to be maintained while providing a more durable pavement for the future.

Professional Services Provided

Transportation Engineering
Civil Engineering
Survey & Mapping
Clients: City of St. Pete Beach
Location: St. Petersburg, Florida
Date: August 15, 2023

Project Manager

Jonathan Langston, PE