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Project Description

Largo High School


Largo High School

George F. Young is responsible for the reconstruction of the site infrastructure of the entire 39.8 Acre, 1,902 student Largo High School Campus as a part of the Harvard Jolly Architecture design team. Services provided included planning, design, permitting and construction of a complete temporary campus with re-locatable buildings and the final new campus.

The site design included new building layout, parking, bus circulation, parent circulation, baseball and softball fields, stormwater management, sanitary, water, fire and gas utilities and a pedestrian trail through the site. The offsite infrastructure required for the new school include roadway improvements to Missouri Ave (SR 651) and reconstruction of 1st Ave NE, relocation of a FDOT 36” storm drain and 12” City sanitary sewer. Special design services were provided to allow the new school to be an emergency shelter with adequate water supply and sewer capacity during an emergency event.

Services provided on this project included:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Land Surveying

  • Water Infrastructure

  • Traffic Engineering

  • Subsurface Utility Engineering

  • Utility Coordination

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