Sr. VP of Survey

Steven Heise

GFY | New St Pete Resident

Steven is a seasoned Engineering professional with a zest for life that extends far beyond the boardroom. When he’s not immersed in unpacking boxes from his recent move to the ‘Burg from California, you’ll likely find him indulging in his favorite hobbies: golfing, mountain biking, playing pickleball, or skeetshooting.

Sports and travel hold a special place in Steve’s heart. As a die-hard Chicago Bears fan and former semi-pro hockey player, he has a deep appreciation for the game. His love for travel knows no bounds, Steve has explored over 20 countries and every state in the US, making sure to visit all national parks and monuments along the way.

But it’s not just about personal pursuits for Steve—he’s also deeply committed to giving back. From volunteering with Engineering Ministries International on a mission trip in Mexico, to aspiring to do more with the organization in the future, Steve’s philanthropic spirit shines through in all aspects of his life.